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ABZ PH 888
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abz miner the most profitable bitcoin miner

Abz PH-888 is Not Just a miner
It’s a Abz Mining System!
It's the most profitable bitcoin miner!



120 TH Power

52dB Noise LVL

1450W Power


WiFi Connection

IoT Futures

Fair Price

Why Choose ABZ PH-888 Miner?

Farewell to the LAN wires with the arrival of the WiFi connection !

Simply use WiFi connection replace ETHERNET and get better coverage


Traditional Asic Miners


ABZ PH-888 Mining System

Full-on Control

With the first connection of your miner to the Internet and its synchronization with the network and the company’s specific software program, you will be simply able to monitor your miner round the clock.
No one other than the users could register in the software.

Easy Setup

Sync your miner with the mobile app by couple of clicks in less than a minute.

For all devices

Abz miner app designed for all common devices

abzminer ph888 app-the most profitable bitcoin miner


in charts we do summarize a large data set in visual form about your abz miner.

Control from Anywhere

Monitor and manage your miner, check logs and more from wherever you are.

Unlock the bitcoin mining potential !

with ABZ PH-888 you can experience the next generation of asic miners

Extreme HASHRATE power , Energy efficiency + Network stability

Nowadays those who are interested in bitcoin mining, follow the dreams that only the high-end technology is capable of making them become true. 

ABZ-PH888 miner is a convenient solution to all of the above demands. 

Besides contributing to solve the blockchain transactions, the extreme power, energy efficiency, and network stability of the mentioned miner allow the user to make a great income with a reasonable investment. 



Distinct software program

With its MAC address feature, ABZ MINING LTD. has developed and registered a distinct IoT-based software program for the ABZ PH888 miner, which is presented to the user along with this miner. 

The above-mentioned program uses a specific username and password, which is only available to the users of ABZ MINING LTD. 

The specific username and password are imprinted on the miner.

Numerous significant features, which are discussed above, are included in the program. 

A combination of science, technology, and art

Despite the remarkable features are embedded in the ABZ PH888 Miner, the major goal of ABZ MINING LTD. is to combine science, technology, and art. 

 all of these options together makes abz ph888 miner to the most profitable bitcoin miner 



ABZ Miner 



Dimensions and WeightDimensions and Weight


Weight: About 6.9 KG Includes Packing

Normal HashrateNormal Hashrate

120 TH±5%


1450 W±5%

Noise LevelNoise Level

52 dB

Operation temperatureOperation temperature


Operation humidityOperation humidity



2 x 

Network ConnectionsNetwork Connections

Ethernet / WIFI



IP FinderIP Finder


The most profitable bitcoin miner 

according to YAHOO NEWS , ABZ MINER PH-888 is the most profitable bitcoin miner in 2021 ,

The mining rig produces a hash rate of 120 terahashes per second (TH/s) and just needs 1450w electricity. With this hash rate and low cost electricity it manages to generate an average daily profit of $35,31 to $40,00

ABZ PH-888 can mine any crypto coin based on SHA-256 algorithm, its high profit miner and mostly the highest profit crypto miner.